Guide to being an Entrepreneur

Who wants to be a Millionaire, erm, Entrepreneur ? Here’s your guide.  Please read the Full Article below.
    • Are entrepreneurs born or made ?  
    • How do you recognise a true entrepreneur ?
    • What is the best strategy for those wanting to start their own business ?
    • Who should they approach for money ?
    • What is a bank looking for before lending to them ?
Mercantile Bank CEO Karl Kumbier has invested his career pondering these questions – and then betting his bank’s capital on the answers. Here are the unique insights from South Africa’s only bank that focuses exclusively on doing business with entrepreneurs. – Alec Hogg
This special podcast is brought to you by Mercantile Bank whose chief executive Karl Kumbier is with us in the studio. Karl, you guys focus on entrepreneurs, so you deal with them all the time. We’re in a situation in South Africa where we need entrepreneurs to perhaps pull us out of the funk that we’re in right now.  Is anybody potentially an entrepreneur ?
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