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Elon Musk Net Worth

According to Forbes, Elon Musk net worth is approximately $12.9 billion as of May 2015 according to Forbes. South African born now one of America’s most influential men in business circles Elon Musk is a gentleman who since his childhood days has lived to inspire many to outperform their potential and to rise to global significance by grabbing opportunities and converting them to the benefit of humanity.

Meet Elon Musk
He is an engineer by profession, a philosopher and an aggressive entrepreneur whose zeal and determination to make the world a better place has stunned many. He is the brains behind PayPal – one of the world’s most trusted online global payment platforms and currently the CEO (and CTO) of SpaceX and Product architect of Tesla Motors.
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Elon Musk’s Expanding Empire – the next Jobs, Edison

Nov 16 2015 18:08 *Roy Topol
Elon Musk (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)

South African born Elon Musk has ventured into areas where others have feared to tread. His SpaceX operation was launched at a time the Russian and US governments dominated. 
While Tesla is disrupting the vehicle market, and this progression has been boosted by the VW scandal, he’s had the tenacity to take on the giants of industry and Investec’s Roy Topol looks at his ever-expanding empire. 
Topol wonders if Musk will one day be sitting alongside the innovation greats like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison. – Stuart Lowman

Elon Musk’s Ventures in Brief

  • Zip2 is a web service providing business directories and maps to ecommerce companies. Musk started with a $28 000 investment; his exit value was $22m.
  • PayPal is a worldwide online payments system company. Musk invested $12m; his exit value was $250m.
  • Musk ploughed his PayPal payout into first SpaceX and then Tesla (concurrent investments) and finally funded SolarCity :
  • SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches rockets and spacecraft. Musk’s equity shareholding is estimated at over $3bn.
  • Tesla designs and manufactures high-end electric powered vehicles. His shareholding is worth over $7bn.
  • SolarCity designs, finances, manufactures and installs solar power utility systems. His shareholding is worth $1bn.