Company Specific Share Investments

Every Tom, Dick and Sipho is singing the company’s praises and pouring their hard-earned money into its stock.
But, should you ?

How NASPERS Made Millionaires

An investment of R10 000 in Naspers [JSE:NPN] shares in 2001 would have been worth R1.67m today, Mof Terreblanche, a director of Stonehage Investment Partners, told Fin24 on Monday.

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Naspers - Why Stay Away ?

This past week South African ecommerce juggernaut Naspers became the first company ever on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to surpass the  R 2000 / Share Barrier.

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Allan Gray on Naspers

Yet Allan Gray owns about 1% of the company for its clients. That is a total investment of in the region of R7.7 billion. Although Allan Gray has not bought any Naspers stock for a while – portfolio manager Duncan Artus says that they last bought closer to R1 000 a share rather than the nearly R2 000 a share it is trading at these days ( 22 April 2015 ) – it nevertheless looks incongruous ( not in harmony ). Why would the asset management company esteemed for being contrarian ( opposing popular opinion ) hold the JSE’s most loved stock ?

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