Financial Services Providers

Financial Services Providers

The Financial Services Board ( FSB ) is a unique Independent Insitution established by statute to oversee the South African Non-Banking Financial Services Industry in the Public interest.
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Investors' Complaints Stream in on Failed Property Syndications

Since 2008 various property syndications have run aground. They include Sharemax, Realcor, Propspec, PickVest, Blue Pointer (Propdotcom) and Blue Zone (which marketed investments in Spitskop). Most of the hundreds of complaints recently received relate to investments in Sharemax and Blue Zone (Spitskop).  CLICK the above LINK in Red to read the Full Article.



1.    Are you Registered with any Professional Body ?

The most important Bodies are : FIA > ;  FPI >  and 

SAIT >  ( for TAX Experts ).

2.    Are you Registered with the FSB ( Financial Services Board )  ?   Is a MUST !

3.    What are your Qualifications and your Experience ?

4.    How do your earn your Commission/ Money ?




Broker Offers Widow Costly SHAREMAX Advice

" It was allegedly the executor of Cowan’s late husband’s estate who informed Ras that she wished to make an investment to supplement her income. On May 24 2009, Ras told Cowan she could earn 11.5 % interest per year by investing in the The Villa. It collapsed in Sep 2010 ".   CLICK the above LINK in Red to read the Full Moneyweb Article.

Also CLICK the following LINK to read a further Article : Advisor Told to Repay Pensioner

Download a file :  Also  see,  for  example,  latest  FSB  -  Kellerman  Complaint 


FPI - Financial Planning Institute

There are many brokers/advisors/consultants in the in-dustry of financial services that purport to offer advice. Out of nearly 100 000 registered representatives licen-sed with the Financial Services Board, only around 4600 of these are CFP® Professionals. 
Go to and click “Find a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional "

OLD Mutual Debars ' Top Financial Advisor '

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Financial Services Providers, like the one mentioned below are available to provide Professional Investment Advice to the members of the public - contact them directly for more details.

Galileo Capital ) is a Registered Financial Services Provider ( FSP ), approved and regulated by the Financial Services Board ( FSB ) of South Africa. Our team consists of highly motivated and qualified professionals with more than 90 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. By pooling our skills, knowledge and experience, we are able to provide superior products and services to our clients.

The business is structured around the following divisions :

  • Wealth Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Short Term Insurance
  • Tax and Trust Advisory Services 
Investment  Principles 
We have 3 broad categories of clients who make use of our service, our minimum portfolio size is usually R1m per client. 
  • Investment success entails a marathon not a sprint. As such, we continuously seek to accumulate gains over long periods of time, rather than trying "swing for the fences".
  • We intend to buy robust businesses at reasonable prices and to hold them for the long term. 
  • We will tailor-make portfolios to client-specific requirements, taking into account prevailing market conditions.
  • We will charge fair fees for the value provided. We do not charge performance fees, on paper they sound good, in practice this encourages risk-taking.
  • We are not dogmatic about investment style, though we have a bias towards the value style.
  • It is one thing to have conviction, quite another to engage in heroism. We don’t aim to be heroes with your capital.
  • Avoid high turnover, but do make use of tax harvesting (i.e. make use of annual CGT-free allowance).
  • Fashionable investment themes are avoided.

PSG Konsult  

PSG is a leading Independent Financial Services Group, with an extensive national footprint and Namibian presence. In operation since 1998, we offer a value-orientated approach to our clients' financial needs, from asset and wealth management to insurance.

Brenthurst Wealth 

INVESTMENT PLANNING has been described as the second most important profession in the world after the medical profession. While the medical doctors are keeping us alive and healthy for much longer than was ever thought possible, the investment planning profession will have to ensure that their clients have enough money to enjoy this longevity-windfall ! 

VUNANI - Private Clients    +   +

Vunani Limited is a JSE listed, majority black owned and managed financial services company with a proud 15 year track record. We have offices in Cape Town, and Johannesburg in South Africa, and in Harare Zimbabwe. We provide a comprehensive range of financial products and services, such as institutional fund management, private wealth management, corporate advisory and stock broking services to institutions and private clients. Our stock broking division is rated as one of South Africa's top 20 brokerages and offers specialist advice on equities, bonds and cash. The group also has interests in property development and asset management. In 2011 Vunani listed its jointly held property portfolio on the JSE Main Board under Vunani Property Investment fund. We remain the asset manager and a shareholder in the Fund.


South Africa's fastest growing Asset Management Company.

Anchor Capital has established itself as one of SA's leading providers of asset management services, in both local and offshore markets. We work with your financial advisor to provide you with the appropriate solution for your needs, whether it be high conviction equity portfolios or low risk cash alternatives.
We concentrate on making your money work hard in a portfolio personalised for you. We strive to find opportunities across the globe which can create wealth for the investor. Investments are housed in unit trusts, segregated portfolios, hedge funds or tax-efficient structures.
The ingredients are also just right : SA's top rated investment analyst of all time, Peter Armitage (*), leads an experienced and global investment team.
(*) rated number one a record 21 times by the Financial Mail annual survey of institutional investors South Africa's fastest growing asset management company. 

How Much Financial Planners Earn in South Africa  ?

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How Much do Financial Advisors Charge ?

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What Does a Financial Planner Actually Do ?

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40 Curveball Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor ?

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Commission or Fees for Financial Advice ?

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How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

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